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What is a Cross Platform Mobile App?

Cross Platform Mobile Application is a mobile application that can run on multiple operating systems based on a single code base.

For example, Android and iOS are the most popular mobile operating systems.

The most successful way to quickly introduce a product or service to the mobile application market is to use cross-platform mobile applications.

What are the Advantages of Cross Platform Mobile Applications?

Friend of Your Budget

You will only need a single software team for cross platform applications. In native applications, you need to allocate a budget to separate software teams.

Time Gain

Because your cross platform app is based on a single code, it will be released in 40-60% shorter time.


Since it works on a single code base, you can update on all platforms at the same time.

Wide Customer Base

Thanks to your application on multiple platforms, you can reach a wider customer base.

High Income

Since you provide access to a large customer base, the income you will earn from your application will be higher than local applications.

What are the Tools Used in the Cross Platform Mobile Application?

There are many technologies that can be used during cross platform mobile application development. As Kumsal Ajans team, we focus on choosing and using the most suitable technology for your corporate needs. Some of the technologies we can use on cross platform are as follows;

Reach Native

It is a most used mobile application development technology released by Facebook in 2015.

Its outstanding features are that the codes are reusable and the development time is very short.

Reach Native technology gives users the chance to have a local-like interface.

You can develop native applications by using JavaScript as a programming language.


It is a legacy cross-platform technology that became operational in 2011.

Although it first operated independently, it later became part of Microsoft.

He began work.

C# coding can be used in this technology in an open source manner.

In other words, the mobile application can run on many platforms, including Android and IOS.


It allows you to capture unique graphic quality for your mobile application.

It is a technology where you can have mobile applications compatible with many different operating systems such as PlayStation, Linux, Windows, Wii, as well as IOS and Android.


It is an open source cross-platform technology that provides seamless native interfaces for Android and IOS operating systems.

With this technology, you can develop a mobile application with a native view on both Android and IOS.

Cross Platform Mobile Application Current Prices

Cross platform mobile application prices vary completely for your corporate needs.

The application to be developed for each company is planned specifically for you. That's why, after understanding your goals, we can offer you a price quote for a cross platform that will enable you to reach your goals by making the necessary preliminary studies and that is suitable for your corporate structure.

Many factors such as the features to be found in your dual platform mobile application, the technology and programming language to be used in your application, the type and number of operating systems you want to show affect the prices.

It should be noted that cross-platform mobile applications are of a quality that will meet the corporate needs of small and medium-sized businesses and at low costs that they can afford.

You can contact us for detailed information about cross platform.