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What is UX and UI?

The concept of UX deals with the functionality, speed, technological competence, content and customer experience of a design.

The concept of UI covers the external appearance of a design, that is, the interface features.

Everything about the aesthetic details and appearance is about the UI. UX and UI take their names from the initials of the English words User Experience and User Interface.

Today, the importance of UX and UI concepts has brought questions such as what is UX and what does UI mean.

The reason for this situation is that the fact that a design is user-oriented as much as its general appearance has reached a very important point today.

What is User Experience Design (UX - User Experience)?

UX - user experience design is more concerned with how users interact on the site rather than designing an interface.

The person who imagines and designs how this interaction will be is called User Experience Designer.

What is User Interface Design (UI)?

UI stands for user interface design. For example, everything on the screen of the phone you use is an interface design.

The locations, colors and sizes of the icons are applied as a result of the decisions made by the designer. The equivalent of interface design on websites is the visual design consisting of all graphic elements such as images, buttons, lines, colors, page structure and spaces.

What Does Senior UX/UI Engineer Mean?

This title, whose translation is senior ux-ui engineer, is given to people who have analyzed both designs and are experts in their fields.

What are the Differences Between UX and UI Design?

Today, the concepts of UX and UI are often used together. The general reason for this situation can be considered as the fact that web design technologies are followed a little behind in our country.

However, a professional designer should have a good grasp of the answers to the question of what are the differences between UX and UI design. Let's try to itemize the general differences between UX and UI design.

  • In UI design, the issue of how a design will appear to the user is at the center.
  • UX, on the other hand, comes into play in the process of constructing the interaction that this view will create with the user.
  • The UI includes digital stages.
  • In UX design, user behaviors are handled beyond the digital world.
  • These habits are then tested digitally.

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