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What is Production?

Production, which literally means "production", that is, "production", is a term generally used for the production of motion pictures, television shows, and shows.

Today, the expression "production" is also used for actions performed for media organs such as commercials, video content, photo shoots.

When considering a work of art or a production of art, "production" defines the team-responsible person who is engaged in the making and completion of this work.

What Do Production Companies Do?

Production companies can operate in all areas related to film production.

These areas can be broadly classified as follows.

  • Feature Film Shooting
  • Short Film Shooting
  • Documentary Shooting
  • Advertising Filming
  • Music Video Shooting
  • Promotional Film Shooting
  • Promotional Video Shooting
  • Viral Filming
  • Educational Film Shooting
  • TV Series Filming

What is Media Production?

Production, which means production as a word, is considered as media production when combined with the word media.

The whole process, which includes the general video and audio broadcast areas in television programs, advertisements and internet platforms, and their arrangement, is called media production.

Media production provides service as a team by bringing together experts in the field.

From the professional team using the production equipment to the people who edit the shots, everyone works in harmony with each other.

What is the Importance of Media Production?

Having original photo and video shoots puts you ahead of your competitors.

It is necessary to pay attention to all the details while taking a photo. However, this results in results that will be appreciated by the users. You can reach the quality you deserve with professional photography. You can also raise your brand image with original shots.

Within the scope of media production studies, works such as short film shooting, video production, animation video and product shooting are carried out.

These works are used to represent your digital identity. Providing quality content to people who are researching about you in the digital world reveals the professionalism level of your company or brand. Therefore, every service you receive in terms of media production reveals the value you give to your company.

In addition, original photo designs also contribute positively to SEO studies for your website.