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What is Corporate Identity Design?

Corporate identity design is the name given to all the works that represent your company in every field and to ensure that your customers recognize your company or brand in a memorable way.

A company with a professional corporate identity design creates a trustworthy impression for its customers.

We can also say that the basis of corporate identity design is logo, emblem and colors. All other works are based on these.

We recommend that you attach great importance to your corporate identity design and work with an experienced company in order to accurately reflect the image of your company or brand.

With its perfectly planned and designed corporate identity design, it ensures that your company gains prestige and has an impressive appearance in the eyes of your customers.

What Does Corporate Identity Design Include?

Corporate identity design; Starting from your logo and corporate colors, it includes the special design of all the corporate materials you need for your brand.

If we examine these items in detail;

  • Logo design
  • Logo Usage Areas
  • Business Card Design
  • Letterhead
  • Diplomat and Window Diplomat Envelope
  • Invoice
  • Catalog design
  • Pocket folder
  • Collection Receipt
  • Bag Envelope
  • Presentation file
  • Note paper
  • Application of the Logo to Work Clothes
  • Cardboard and Nylon Bag
  • Press Release Example
  • Announcement for Newspaper and Bulletin
  • agenda
  • Signs and Totems
  • billboard
  • roll up
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Indoor and Outdoor Routing
  • Floor Layout Plans
  • Desktop Name Holders and Door Name Holders
  • Staff, Visitor and Vehicle Cards
  • Chair and Stage
  • Plate
  • Poster
  • Brochure Format
  • Certificate
  • Invitation
  • Gift Card
  • Email Signature
  • PowerPoint and Keynote Presentation
  • banner
  • Social Media Post Formats
  • Souvenir Applications
  • Plaque and Badge
  • Flags
  • Corporate Identity File

How Are Corporate Identity Prices Determined?

Although corporate identity design should be considered as a whole, you may think that your company or brand only needs a logo.

At this point, the holistic view of your corporate identity will also disappear. With this reminder, you can get a price quote by listing the corporate identity design elements that your company or brand needs.

For example; If your logo, business card, e-mail signature, letterhead and file designs meet your needs, you will encounter an offer and timing accordingly.

On the other hand; It is a design work from A to Z, such as creating a logo, business card, e-mail signature, letterhead, file, accounting documents, vehicle dressing, flag, personnel card, personnel clothing, flag, fair poster, signboard, corporate identity use file. If you say so, the price and timing you will receive will also be different.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Corporate Identity Design Firm?

Your corporate identity design is not something that can be easily changed over time. For this reason, we should consider a corporate identity design that reflects your company or brand to your target audience as the basis of your brand and it is beneficial for you to invest in this way.

When choosing the company to design your corporate identity, you should look at the design approach and results of the company's previous work references.

You may think that your product / service is the best in your location, industry or the world.

However, do not forget that it will be a well designed corporate identity that will attract attention in the investment you make for your company and brand. If you consider the investment in corporate identity design as an expense, your competitors may reach more customers with a service or product that is not of good quality, and they may surpass you with their market share.

If you are looking for a reliable, professional and experienced corporate identity design firm, you can contact us.