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What is Influencer?

Influencer, able to communicate with a specific target audience, arousing desire in them and enabling them to take action; They are people who can influence personal perceptions, opinions and preferences.

If you are wondering if it is possible to achieve this effect, it is possible for influencers to create such an effect because they focus on certain segments, not everyone.

Because influencers know how to engage with a particular group, they have an engaged voice to suggest and request something from their audience.

Influencers were long seen as famous athletes, big movie stars, well-known singers and top models.

However, today, the concept of influencer has changed a lot thanks to social media, which is an important platform. Ordinary people who are no longer famous have become able to influence large audiences.

Points That Brands Consider When Choosing Influencers;

1. Choosing Brand-Related Profiles

This ensures that the campaign reaches the right audience. The audience of the person to be used as an influencer should appeal to the product. We can describe this as binding. If there is a binding between the target audience and the product, the right target audience is addressed.

Therefore, the selected Influencer target audience should be similar to the target audience of the brand.

2. Negotiating with the Influencer Reaching the High Reach Number Suitable for the Target Audience

In order for the target audience to have the fastest and easiest access to the product promotion, the accounts used as Influencers should have easy access and high levels. Reach Influencer marketing is also one of the most important points. With an Influencer account with high interaction, desired returns can be obtained, but one of the most important points here is that the number of interactions is more important in choosing an influencer, no matter how many followers.

An Instagram profile with organic followers will have a high interaction count, while a profile with a purchased follower will have fewer interactions.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is the strategy of linking brands with influencers to connect with the target audience. Thanks to their niche and speaking ability, influencers are seen as representatives of certain brands. Any brand, big or small, can count on such an influence.

It is possible to reach any audience with this strategy, because influencers are not just people with millions of followers.

Some micro-influencers reach smaller niches than macro-influencers with 500,000 to 1 million followers, but they can achieve high levels of conversion by leveraging brands with a lower audience.

Influencers often help brands promote their products and services to their target audience as partners of brands. The biggest advantage of influencers is their ability to communicate with a niche. Influencers create their target audience by producing specific content.

Different Forms of Collaboration

There are different forms of partnership in influencer marketing. Some influencers simply tell their target audience about the product or service by making use of the product or service for free.

However, the most profitable option for influencers is to sign contracts with brands. In this way, they become a true representative and are paid to constantly promote the brand.

In such a situation, influencers start doing mass campaigns and become important representatives for brands. They also start creating specific content that is part of brands' marketing campaigns and always aims to promote them.

The Role of Being a Brand Ambassador

When talking about influencer marketing, it should not be forgotten that some people are brand ambassadors. Some influencers are chosen as people whose image is of great importance to be associated with the brand. This is perhaps the highest level an influencer can reach, as they become an official brand representative as long as they are contracted.

They no longer take part in occasional campaigns, they become an essential part of a marketing strategy that is always at the service of the company. As a brand ambassador, the influencer's primary mission is to increase the reach and engagement of the brand.

This includes promoting not only products and services, but also the brand, its values ​​and everything it stands for to the target audience.

How Influencer Marketing Works?

Some basic concepts shape influencer marketing strategies.

There are different ways to reach an audience.

Influencers produce all kinds of content on different platforms, always considering which of these channels your audience is in. Brands also need to consider the types of content they want their products and services to be promoted.

This way, followers can perfectly understand and visualize the campaigns.

The main content types are as follows:

  • Instagram posts and stories
  • Posts and stories on other social media platforms (Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.)
  • YouTube vlogs;
  • podcasts
  • blog posts
  • Twitch streams
  • Market Segments
  • There are no restrictions, but in some markets influencers often
  • has more access.
  •  The main market segments are as follows:
  • fashion and beauty
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Games
  • food and health
  • Politics and news

Impact Level

Influencers are not just people who represent brands to stimulate consumption desire. For many, their ideas are the most relevant part, and that's what makes them influencers.

Therefore, there are different levels of influencers that can lead to credibility in different ways, such as:

  • Celebrities
  • Key opinion leaders such as journalists, experts and academics
  • Those who are experts in a subject
  • Athletes
  • Musicians

How to Create an Influencer Marketing Strategy?

More important than knowing what influencer marketing is, is understanding the basic steps of creating a strategy.

Below are the steps you will need to consider when creating an influencer marketing strategy.

1. Choose an influencer that connects with your audience

You need to choose an influencer who has a strong influence on your brand personality and can reach and connect with a large number of people. Also check what type of content the influencer is creating, even if it fits your segment. This allows your chosen one to best promote your brand and products.

2. Set up your marketing campaign

There are different possibilities for campaigns where Influencer can promote your products or services. As an ambassador, they can always work on strengthening the brand and your products. On the other hand, influencers may also introduce new products with launch campaigns from time to time. Always prepare a well-defined plan with these possibilities in mind. These plans allow brands to get the most out of influencer marketing strategies.

3. Review the results

Measuring results is the foundation of any marketing strategy and influencer marketing is no different. So measure how much value they generate for your brand for the actions you plan together. For example, a good ROI shows that your influencer marketing plan is working.

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