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In this article, we touched on why responsive design is important, mobile sites or responsive sites are better.

Why is responsive design important?

Responsive Web Design is used to automatically rescale, resize, shrink, hide a website and make it look good on all devices (desktops, tablets and phones). It provides ease of use to current and potential users.

Another important issue is Google. Google measures the user experience of a website and, based on these values, determines whether it will show the website in the top positions in searches.

If your websites are responsive, you can rise in rankings faster than sites that are not. If a website is not designed responsively, it is usually very difficult to rank high in Google rankings.

Responsive designed Websites give better results than Mobile site.

You cannot predict how important it is for your website to be opened according to the device you are logged into, and how many users may leave your site for this reason.

When a web page with Responsive Web Design infrastructure is opened by any device with Android, IOS, Windows Mobile operating systems, it is displayed by adapting to the screen resolution of the phone.

In the web world, whether it is a personal or e-commerce site, everyone wants to attract more users to their site.

Responsive design is a path that your website will love to walk because of its Easy Use, Easy Maintenance, Low Cost and Search Engine Optimization results.