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In this article, we will try to inform you about Audio Articles and SEO, What are the Advantages of Audio Articles.

Audio Articles and SEO

The new favorite of the Google algorithm, audio articles, that is, audio content, becomes very valuable in terms of SEO.

The fact that listening activities keep the mind active has started to make this type of content even more attractive. As soon as we see the importance of this type of sharing, its use will increase.

The number of organizations serving in this field is also very small.

When we take a look at the new apps that have emerged recently, it's easy to understand how important audio articles are.

Google is among the platforms that want to respond to this tendency of people.

There is a prediction that in the near future, written content will be replaced by audio content to a certain extent.

Audio articles seem to be an extremely attractive content type for people who are busy at work or have to travel long distances.

What are the Advantages of Audio Articles?

  • If you have a brand and produce audio content, you can find yourself in famous podcast channels such as Spotify and Google Podcast, which are used by millions of people, and increase your marketing power by addressing your potential customers directly.
  • It is expected that the advantages provided by Google will increase gradually in the near future.
  • You don't need to use a keyboard while preparing an audio article. Even a simple microphone will allow you to produce good content.
  • It is possible to increase your speed as you perform the typing process by speaking. This will save you the most precious thing, time.
  • You can prepare content that is too long that you cannot prepare under normal conditions. This can give you feedback in terms of SEO work.

Of course, audio articles will bring along the obligations such as proper diction, an understandable speech.